Our cottage Suviranta lies on the eastern bank of lake Iso Kuhajärvi, in Laukaa.

The lake is about 10 metres far from the main house and in the evenings the sun shines beautifully from behind the lake.

We are 20 km far from Jyväskylä, the capital of Central Finland, about 280 km from Helsinki and 220 from Lappeenranta.

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There are two buildings, the main building and the other, smaller building.

All together there are beds for 6 person and possibility to have a bed or baby cot for 0-5 years old child. In the living room is a convertible sofa and also there are a couple of extra mattresses. Blankets and pillows are for 8 person but most comfortable is living in group max. 6 person.

Tap water is drinkable.

Internet is working in 4G net if you have your own modem and sim-card in it. For example Telia sell them in Finland. Nearest Telia Shop is in address Ahjokatu 7, 40320 Jyväskylä.

 More about buildings


In the electric heated main house is a bed room with double bed, living room, kitchen, bathroom and sauna. Also a big terrace.
In living room is a TV  and a fireplace.
In kitchen you find all needed equipments for cooking and eating. Also fridge/freezer, coffee maker and electric kettle, toaster, microwave oven, electric oven and a dishwasher.
Sauna stove is wood heated.




In the smaller building, which is meaned mainly to sleeping, are two rooms. Beds are for four person and there is possibility to have an extra bed for a child.

This house is electric heated. Summertimes there is a TV too.




About the yard

The yard around the cottage is quite big. You find there 3 seated swing and garden furnitures for 6 person. Also wood heating fireplace and a gas grill. You can go fishing by a rowing boat.

Nearest neighbours are the family of us, about 100 metres far from this cottage. There is also an other cottage about 80 metres far but it’s not for rent. The owners use it themselves.

About the lake and fishing

Lake Iso Kuhajärvi is really pure and clear. At the deepest place it is 36 metres deep. The natural view is indeed beautiful.

Fishers can get at least perch, pike, bream and whitefish from it.
If you are fishing with hook and a worm, you need not permissions. Everybody can fish like this way, in every time of year.
If you like to fish with spinning rod and lure, you need a license. You can buy it from internet:   fishing licenses
If you like to fish keeping traps in the lake, nets or something else, you have to by also a license of Harhalan kalastuskunta. These are sold in restaurant Vihtahousu in Vihtavuori.


Mainly the pets are not valid into this cottage. If you really want to take your little pet with you, please agree about it with us before booking.

If you like to know something else take contact to us for example by  contact form